Associate Professor Jessica Howell

Senior Research Fellow


I am a consultant gastroenterologist at St Vincent’s Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital, with a research interest in liver cancer and viral hepatitis. I completed my PhD exploring the role of the innate immune system in hepatitis C disease post liver transplantation. I received an NHMRC Sidney Sax Early Career Research Fellowship for post-doctoral studies at Imperial College London (Department of Hepatology), where I worked with a team on public health projects targeting reduction of HBV-related liver disease and liver cancer in Sub-saharan Africa and exploring genetic mutation analysis of circulating free tumour DNA in liver cancer in collaboration with Cologne University (Germany). I am currently working on further projects exploring genetics of liver cancer and the epidemiology of liver disease and liver cancer under the mentorship of Professor Margaret Hellard. I am involved in hepatology training and public health projects in Fiji.


  • CR Roper Senior research fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne
  • Adjunct senior research fellow, Epidemiology and Disease Prevention, Monash University
  • Post doctoral fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne
  • Honorary post doctoral fellow, Imperial College London, UK
  • Masters student, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (MSc Epi, Post Grad Dip Public Health)


  • Gastroenterologist and hepatologist, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
  • Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Committee member of the Australian Liver Association (ALA), Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) and Gastroenterological Society of Australia (GESA)


  • MBBS (Hons)
  • PhD (Medicine)
  • FRACP - Gastroenterology


  • 2022 Inaugural Tony Burgess Medal. VCCC Alliance
  • 2013 NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship Bushell/ GESA Post Doctoral Research Scholarship
  • 2012 RACP CRB Bushell Scholarship Astra-Zeneca/ GESA Grant-In-Aid Scholarship Young Investigator Bursary, European Association for the Study of the Liver.
  • 2011 GESA Frenesius Kabi Travel Bursary
  • 2009 GESA (Gastroenterology Society of Australia) Clinical Research Scholarship (PhD)
  • 1998 National Heart Foundation Summer Scholarship
  • 1999 Anti-Cancer Council Summer Research Scholarship
  • 2002 MBBS with First Class Honours Deans Honour’s List Jamieson Prize for best student in Clinical Medicine; Tom Keen Prize for best student in Chemical Pathology
  • 2001 Deans Honour’s List
  • 2000 Deans Honour’s List
  • 1998 Deans Honour’s List Novartis Prize for best student in Behavioural Science

Projects (11)

Current (9)

  • Barriers to hepatocellular carcinoma screening uptake in Victoria

  • Cancer information compared to Hepatitis B information to INcreAse hepatitis B testing in Melbourne’s Chinese community (CHINA-B study)

  • EC Partnership: Eliminate Hepatitis C Partnership

  • Hepatitis B Modelling

  • Identifying the barriers to hepatitis B clinical management: the perspectives of people with hepatitis B.

  • Identifying the structural enablers to the clinical management of people with hepatitis B in general practice: a qualitative investigation

  • Modelling for evidence-based national hepatitis B testing plans

  • The elimination of hepatitis C as a global public health threat

  • The QuickStart Study

Past (1)

  • Hepatitis B infection in Australian prisons

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