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27 June, 2022

Legal, safe, timely and compassionate abortion care is an essential health service

Burnet Institute is concerned and dismayed at the decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade and thereby remove protections for legal abortion and reproductive rights.

26 June, 2022

A vaccines-plus strategy: our defence against COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccines have proven to be brilliant, but vaccination alone is not enough. Like any medical intervention, they’re not perfect. Reproduced from Impact Winter edition.

23 June, 2022

Don’t pump brakes: our COVID strategy must change to reflect reality

Professor Brendan Crabb and Professor Mike Toole argue for the urgent need for Australia’s leaders to adopt an anti-transmission COVID strategy without disruptive restrictions.

16 June, 2022

Near-miss a boost for hepatitis research

A new award, the Victorian Near-miss Award Pilot, will enable Dr Alisa Pedrana to continue her research into the elimination of hepatitis C in Australia.

15 June, 2022

Vale Professor Ruth Bishop AC

The Board and staff of Burnet Institute are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Professor Ruth Bishop whose rotavirus research helped prevent the deaths of thousands of children and infants globally.

13 June, 2022

Queen's Birthday Honours

Burnet Institute offers its warmest congratulations to associates and collaborators recognised in the 2022 Queen’s Birthday Honours.

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21 July, 2022

2nd Australasian COVID-19 Conference

Burnet Institute Deputy Director Professor Margaret Hellard AM is an Organising Committee member of the 2nd Australasian COVID-19 Conference hosted by ASHM.

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