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24 March, 2023

Community participation critical to SWEEP TB out of Daru

An ambitious new project that aims to screen, test and treat all residents of Daru for tuberculosis has begun.

24 March, 2023

New treatment guidelines for drug-resistant TB

New WHO guidelines have a ‘revolutionary potential’ to expand access to treatments for drug-resistant tuberculosis.

24 March, 2023

COVID derailed tuberculosis progress and urgent action is needed

Professor Brendan Crabb and Results Australia CEO Negaya Chorley on how lessons from the global COVID-19 response could be applied to defeat tuberculosis.

21 March, 2023

Why don’t most viruses make bats sick?

Bats carry a lot of viruses that make humans and other mammals very sick, but don’t make them sick. Here’s what we currently understand about why that is.

21 March, 2023

Strong partnerships key to continued RID-TB program success

The RID-TB project was able to continue operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and is now back to full strength.

14 March, 2023

Extension for project tackling antimicrobial resistance in PNG

A major project tackling antimicrobial resistance in Papua New Guinea has been extended until December 2023.

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15 April, 2023

HR23 Pre-Conference on Viral Hepatitis and Harm Reduction

Viral hepatitis and opportunities to advance testing and treatment among people who use drugs are the focus of the HR23 Pre-Conference on Viral Hepatitis and Harm Reduction.

16 April, 2023

HR23 - Harm Reduction International Conference

Burnet Institute researchers will play an active role at the 27th Harm Reduction International Conference, HR23, to be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 16-19, 2023.

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