HIV services for young key populations in the Philippines

ALL IN is a global process to promote partnerships for action to drive better results for adolescents (10 – 19 years) at higher risk of HIV. It was initiated by UNICEF and UNAIDS, and is based on principles of Adolescent Development and Participation.

In the Philippines, ALL IN will work in five sites to reduce HIV transmission, promote access to HIV testing and treatment, and prevent teenage pregnancies, among young key populations. The key populations are different in each site: males who have sex with males, adolescent transgender people, adolescents who inject drugs, young sex workers, and adolescent women who have unplanned pregnancies.

ALL IN will work in five priority cities. The sites have been chosen because they have high levels of reported HIV incidence among young people, and because UNICEF has existing partners who have indicated high levels of commitment to engage with this process, and have strong connections with young key populations.

The five sites for 2015 and 2016 are: Iloilo City, Cebu City, Davao, Quezon City and Zamboanga. UNICEF has engaged Burnet to provide technical advice on service provision, and the Department of Health is providing advice on epidemiology and surveillance.

Develop partnership models of service delivery to provide essential HIV and SRH services for adolescents in a range of demonstration sites.

Planning workshops bringing together Government (National and Local), Civil Society (NGOs and Private Clinics), and Adolescent Youth Networks. Training of health service providers about Protocols for providing HIV Testing to Adolescents: in the Philippines, adolescents must receive parental consent for HIV testing. The training will explore options for testing when this is not available.


1 September 2015 - 1 November 2016


Expected results by the end of 2016 will be increased numbers of adolescents from key populations being tested for HIV, and this will lead to adolescents living with HIV commencing treatment.


UNICEF Philippines, Ministry of Health, NGO partners: different partners in each of five cities


UNICEF Philippines

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