Dominic Delport

Research Assistant


Dominic’s undergraduate studies were in physics and applied mathematics, and during his postgraduate studies he continued in applied mathematics with a focus on mathematical biology.

His research was on reviewing and developing extensions to mathematical models of macroparasite transmission across human populations.

Key research interests:

  • Infectious disease modelling (Neglected Tropical Diseases)
  • Public health modelling (Maternal, Newborn and Child Health)


  • Decision science using Optima
  • Allocative efficiency in child nutrition
  • Strategies to reduce malnutrition with allocative efficiency analyses


  • 2019: Mathematics Tutor, The University of Melbourne


  • 2016: Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Physics), The University of Melbourne
  • 2018: Master of Science (Applied Mathematics), The University of Melbourne

Projects (1)

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  • COVASIM: Modelling COVID-19

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