Global infectious disease threats

Burnet Institute has a number of collaborations addressing rising multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and novel diseases like avian influenza and pandemic influenza H1N1 (swine flu) and SARS.

Our programs have established a thematic initiative related to these emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases (ERIDs), allowing us to apply our unique blend of biomedical research and public health expertise to address these diseases.

We are a member of the World Health Organization’s Global Outbreak and Response Network (GOARN).

Research and Public Health Focus

  • Mapping immune response to pandemic influenza in Australia
  • Improving avian influenza capacity of the National Institute of Health and Research Development in Indonesia
  • Monitoring drug-resistant tuberculosis in PNG and neighbouring countries
  • Vaccine development against influenza
  • Identifying novel drug targets and developing antivirals for treatment of respiratory viral pathogens
  • Developing rapid point-of-care tests for the detection of respiratory viruses
  • Molecular epidemiology of ERIDs in Asia and the Pacific regions
  • Studying the determinants of and modelling influenza transmission in households and schools
  • Investigating the transmission of drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa
  • Teaching in qualitative and quantitative methods to research ERIDs
  • Providing epidemiological expertise to assist with managing outbreaks of ERIDs.

Current Projects

Past Projects

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