Maternal and Child Health

In the developing world, mothers and children continue to die and suffer significant illness from preventable causes.

Much of this poor health could be alleviated by improved access to quality reproductive and child health information and services including family planning, pregnancy and delivery care, postnatal and newborn care, vaccinations, management of childhood illnesses and nutritional support.

Burnet Institute has a strong record of working towards better access to health care for mothers and their children by conducting innovative medical and public health research, strengthening service delivery systems and empowering communities.

Research and Public Health Focus

  • As a partner in the Women’s and Children’s Health Knowledge Hub, we undertook research to strengthen evidence for effective health interventions for adolescent girls, pregnant women and children
  • Prevention of unintended pregnancies, with a particular emphasis on adolescents, will focus on PNG, Melanesia (Vanuatu and Solomon Islands), Timor-Leste and Indonesia
  • Care of pregnant women and babies, focusing on community-based approaches in PNG Burma, Lao PDR and Southern/Eastern Africa.

Current Projects

Past Projects

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