Know-C19 Hub

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event caused by a novel virus.

As such, public health and policy responses are based on a limited, yet rapidly evolving knowledge and evidence base, including research findings, analysis and early experience from other countries.

The Know-C19 Hub

The Knowledge Hub for COVID-19 (Know-C19 Hub) is the gateway to our research findings, policy and technical reports, and also latest news about Burnet’s COVID-19 work. The Know C-19 Hub will actively seek to address gaps in knowledge and collate and provide novel strategic information on COVID-19 to inform the Australian and International response.

Click the links above to see Know-C19 Hub research briefs and analyses covering all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and global response.

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Burnet modelling informs Victoria’s roadmap – 28 September 2020

Reproduction number key to reducing Victoria’s COVID caseload – 7 August 2020

Victorian restrictions avert thousands of new infections – 3 August 2020

Masks reduce COVID-19 transmission – 21 July 2020

Burnet appointments to COVID-19 Taskforce – 7 April 2020

Contact Details

Professor Brendan Crabb AC

Director and CEO; Co-Head Malaria Research Laboratory; Chair, Victorian Chapter of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI)