With a staff of more than 450 and a budget of over $50 million, Burnet has the capacity, expertise and strategic vision to tackle the key health issues affecting not only Australians in marginalised communities, but poor and vulnerable communities globally.

Major health issues such as sexually-transmitted diseases, blood-borne diseases (hepatitis C), HIV, alcohol and drug misuse and related behaviours are not limited by geography. Improving the health of Australians in highly vulnerable communities, such as prisoner populations, sex workers and injecting drug users are also a key focus of our work.

At our headquarters in Melbourne, our dedicated teams of laboratory scientists and population health researchers work closely together across technical and population health thematic areas to explore new ways to address complex health problems..

High quality, policy relevant and innovative research is undertaken Australia-wide and the outcomes are published and reported widely.

Our unique approach of linking medical research with public health action sets us apart from other Australian institutions.

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