Translational Research

Translating our research into tangible benefits for the global community.

Initiatives that nurture Burnet’s innovation and excellence are supported, with an emphasis on activities that draw on expertise from across the Institute.

We work in collaboration with commercial partners to develop intellectual property (IP) and over many years have developed a number of applications that are now in use around the world.

There is a focus on bringing investment into the Institute that supports and furthers priority research agendas, and fostering collaboration both within the Institute and with external partners.

For scientists, this might mean support in sourcing investment in (and protecting) their IP that allows their work to progress to the next level; for public health researchers, the support offered by the team might result in diversified funding sources and/or international collaborators that extend the reach of their projects/studies.

Burnet has developed relationships with a number of commercial partners for the further development of its IP.

More information about these relationships.

Contact Details

Geoff Drenkhahn

Director, Strategic Funding & Partnerships