How to Leave a Gift in your Will

You can choose how to leave your gift to Burnet Institute.

Your choice

It is easy to include Burnet Institute in your Will. You can choose how you want to leave your gift, including:

  • A residuary bequest. After providing for your loved ones and paying all debts, the remainder of your estate (or a percentage of the remainder) can be left to the Institute. This type of bequest guards against the effects of inflation over time. This is the simplest way to help Burnet’s future medical research and public health work.

  • A cash bequest. You can leave a specified dollar amount – but please remember that, over time, the real value of a cash bequest may reduce because of inflation.

  • Specific bequest. You can leave property such as real estate, shares or anything of value to Burnet. The Institute can also be the sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

  • Life interest bequest. If you have a loved one you wish to care for during their lifetime, you can allow them the use of a property and/or income from an investment during their lifetime, after which the property or investment is transferred to Burnet.

Legal advice

Making a Will need not be complicated or expensive but you should always seek the advice of a qualified solicitor or trustee so that your wishes are carried out just as you intend. If you do not have a solicitor, the Law Institute or Society in your state or territory can refer you to an experienced Wills and Estates solicitor.

Every bequest is gratefully received.

Your bequest to Burnet Institute is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to a cause that is important to you.

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