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Pat La Manna OAM: Making giving a way of life

Pat la manna oam

Supporting Burnet is part of a far-reaching commitment towards community service, for 2009 Senior Australian of the Year Mr Pat La Manna.

“I suffered a serious stroke some 15 years ago and being a man of action, I decided it was time to help others through philanthropy,” Pat said.

“My wife Helen and I were keen to support a charity that could find a cure to cancer. That’s how we became involved with Burnet.”

As a result of Pat and Helen’s support, the Institute has made significant advances in the development of vaccines for cancer.

“Burnet does wonderful work, not only in Australia but all over the world. I am proud to be supporting such as great organisation,” Pat said.

Pat’s devotion to creating a better world has its roots in its underprivileged upbringing in war stricken Italy.

“As a young boy, I experienced significant hardship,” he remembered. “I had no shoes, no clothes and I was terribly hungry.”

But Pat used this experience as a motivation to help others.

“It helped me understand what life is all about and the importance of helping the most vulnerable in our society,” he reflected.

Thanks to Pat and Helen’s generosity, the causes they value most will endure – including the Burnet Institute.

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