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Understanding settlement services literacy and the provision of settlement services for humanitarian migrants in Australia—A service provider perspectivw.

Abood J;, Polonsky M;, Woodward, K;, Green J, Tadjoeddin Z, Renzaho AMN


Over the past 40 years, successive Australian Governments have developed a comprehensive pro-gramme of settlement services (SS) designed to im-prove settlement outcomes for humanitarian migrants. Many humanitarian migrants do not arrive with the appropriate skills and abilities to fully benefit from available SS. “Settlement services literacy” (SSL) has been proposed as a framework to contextualise fac-tors that may enable or constrain humanitarian mi-grants' utilisation of SS. The aim of this study was to investigate the provision of SS in relation to SSL, that is humanitarian migrants' ability to effectively access information and services, to critically assess services, and to politically mobilise and effect change. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 26 service providers representing 19 organisations in Greater Western Sydney (n = 8) and Melbourne (n = 11). The study found that SS programmes address many of the indicators that promote SSL acquisition. However, this is not achieved systematically, nor do the pro-grammes ref lect all indicators across the three SSL levels. This study provides new insights into various actors impacting the effectiveness of SS provision and SSL acquisition. These insights can inform future programme policy reforms and contribute to more ef-fective and responsive service systems that meet the diverse and complex needs of humanitarian migrants.

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  • Journal: Australian Journal of Social issues
  • Published: 20/01/2022
  • Volume: 57
  • Issue: 3
  • Pagination: 687-708