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A survey of knowledge, attitudes, barriers and support needs in providing hepatitis B care among GPs practising in Australia.

Xiao Y, van Gemert C, Howell J, Wallace J, Richmond J, Adamson E, Thompson A, Hellard M


Background: In Australia, only 22% of people with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) are clinically managed; and a national efort is engaging primary care workforce in providing CHB-related care. This study explored CHB-related knowledge, attitudes, barriers and support needs of general practitioners (GPs). Methods: A survey was sent to a random sample of 1,000 Australian GPs in April- October 2018; 134 of 978 eligible GPs completed the questionnaire (14%). Results: Respondents had high knowledge of at-risk populations (>79%) and hepatitis B serology (82%), and most saw hepatitis B testing and monitoring as part of their work (95% and 86%, respectively). However, the survey revealed low knowledge, awareness and intention with respect to hepatitis B treatment: 23% correctly understood treatment initiation; 40% were aware that treatment for CHB could be dispensed in the community; 23% agreed that prescribing was part of their work. Lack of time was considered the greatest barrier (38%) and clear guidelines was the most important facilitator to providing care (72%). Conclusion: Interventions are needed to generate interest and skills to provide CHB-related care by GPs

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