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SPECIAL ISSUE HIV and CHRONIC PAIN (The Global Task Force for Chronic Pain in People with HIV (PWH): Developing a research agenda in an emerging field).

Merlin JS, Hamm M, de Abril Cameron F, Baker V, Brown DA, Cherry CL, Edelman EJ, Evangeli M, Harding R, Josh J, Kemp HI, Lichius C, Madden VJ, Nkhoma K, O'Brien KK, Parker R, Rice A, Robinson-Papp J, Sabin CA, Slawek D, Scott W, Tsui JI, Uebelacker LA, Wadley AL, Goodin BR


Chronic pain is a common comorbidity in people with HIV (PWH), with prevalence estimates of 25-85%. Research in this area is growing, but significant gaps remain. A Global Task Force of HIV experts was organized to brainstorm a scientific agenda and identify measurement domains critical to advancing research in this field. Experts were identified through literature searches and snowball sampling. Two online questionnaires were developed by Task Force members. Questionnaire 1 asked participants to identify knowledge gaps in the field of HIV and chronic pain and identify measurement domains in studies of chronic pain in PWH. Responses were ranked in order of importance in Questionnaire 2, which was followed by a group discussion. 29 experts completed Questionnaire 1, 25 completed Questionnaire 2, and 21 participated in the group. Many important clinical and research priorities emerged, including the need to examine etiologies of chronic pain in PWH. Pain-related measurement domains were discussed, with a primary focus on domains that could be assessed in a standardized manner across various cohorts that include PWH in different countries. We collaboratively identified clinical and research priorities, as well as gaps in standardization of measurement domains, that can be used to move the field forward.

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  • Journal: AIDS Care
  • Published: 01/01/2022
  • Volume: Epub ahead of print



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