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Assessing Australian women's knowledge and knowledge preferences about long-term health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a survey study.

Roth H, Homer CSE, LeMarquand G, Roberts LM, Hanley L, Brown M, Henry A
Faculty of Health, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia [email protected]


OBJECTIVES: To (1) assess women’s current knowledge regarding long-term cardiovascular health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (2) elicit women’s preferred educational content and format regarding health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. DESIGN AND SETTING: A custom-created online survey exploring Australian women’s knowledge about long-term health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, distributed through consumer groups and social media. PARTICIPANTS: 266 women with (n=174) or without (n=92) a history of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY OUTCOME MEASURES: (1) Proportion of women identifying long-term health risks after hypertensive disorder of pregnancy using a 10-point risk knowledge score with 0-4 ‘low’, 4.1-7.0 ‘moderate’ and 7.1-10 ‘high’. (2) Exploration of preferred content, format and distribution of educational material post hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. RESULTS: Knowledge scores about health after hypertensive disorder of pregnancy were moderate in groups with and without a history of the disorder. Knowledge was highest regarding risk of recurrent hypertensive disorders in a subsequent pregnancy, ‘moderate’ for chronic hypertension and heart attack, ‘moderate’ and ‘low’ regarding risk of heart disease and ‘low’ for diabetes and renal disease. Only 36% of all participants were aware that risks start within 10 years after the affected pregnancy. The majority of respondents with a history of hypertensive disorder of pregnancy (76%) preferred receiving information about long-term health 0-6 months post partum from a healthcare provider (80%), key organisations (60%), social media (47%) and brochures/flyers (43%). CONCLUSIONS: Women’s knowledge regarding health risks after hypertensive disorder of pregnancy was ‘moderate’, although with important disease-specific gaps such as increased risk of diabetes. Most women wanted to be informed about their long-term health from a healthcare provider.

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  • Journal: BMJ Open
  • Published: 17/12/2020
  • Volume: 10
  • Issue: 12
  • Pagination: e042920