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Upper extremity non-contrast magnetic resonance venography (MRV) compared to contrast enhanced MRV and ultrasound.

Lim RP, Hornsey E, Ranatunga D, Hao H, Smith J, Spelman T, Chuen J, Goodwin M


PURPOSE: To assess feasibility, image quality and measured venous caliber of non-contrast MRV (NC-MRV) of central and upper extremity veins, compared to contrast-enhanced MRV (CE-MRV) and ultrasound (US) in healthy volunteers.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: 10 subjects underwent NC-MRV and CE-MRV at 1.5 T, with comparison to US. Two radiologists evaluated MRI for image quality (IQ) and venous caliber.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: NC-MRV is feasible, with inferior IQ but comparable venous caliber measurements CE-MRV (mean 7.9±4.58 mm vs. 7.83±4.62, p=0.13). Slightly larger upper limb caliber measurements were derived for NC-MRV and CE-MRV compared to US (NC-MRV 5.2±1.8 mm, CE-MRV 4.9±1.6 mm, US 4.5±1.8 mm, both p<0.001).

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  • Journal: Clinical Imaging
  • Published: 06/06/2017
  • Volume: 45
  • Pagination: 51-57