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Fc receptor gene translocation in a t(1;19) pre-B ALL cell line.

L M Webber, O M Garson, B Tate, I F McKenzie, P M Hogarth
Department of Cytogenetics and Medicine, St. Vincent's Hospital, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.


We have recently mapped the human FCGR2 gene to chromosome 1 bands q23-q24. In situ hybridization of FCGR2 cDNA with a cell line containing a t(1:19)(q23;p13) derived from a patient with pre-B ALL has allowed a more accurate localization of this gene to chromosome 1 band q23. Furthermore, this study indicated a splitting of the FCGR2 gene or gene cluster by the t(1;19). However, Southern analysis showed no genetic rearrangement when compared with a karyotypically normal Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-transformed cell line from the same patient. This suggests that the translocation breakpoint does not occur within the coding region of this gene.


  • Journal: Immunogenetics
  • Published: 01/01/1990
  • Volume: 31
  • Issue: 5-6
  • Pagination: 356-360