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Design and synthesis of a cyclic double mutant peptide (cyclo(87-99)[A91,A96]MBP87-99) induces altered responses in mice after conjugation to mannan: implications in the immunotherapy of multiple sclerosis.

Katsara M, Deraos G, Tselios T, Matsoukas MT, Friligou I, Matsoukas J, Apostolopoulos V
Burnet Institute, Immunology and Vaccine Laboratory, Heidelberg, VIC, Australia.


Altered peptide ligands that alter immune responses are a promising approach to the immunotherapy of multiple sclerosis. Cyclic peptides are of interest because the limited stability of linear peptides restricts their use in vivo. We designed and synthesized a cyclic double mutant peptide from MBP(87-99)-[cyclo(87-99)[A(91),A(96)]MBP(87-99)]. Immunization of mice, in CFA reduced Th1 responses. However, when conjugated to reduced mannan, a significant further reduction of Th1 responses and moderate Th2 responses were induced.


  • Journal: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Published: 08/01/2009
  • Volume: 52
  • Issue: 1
  • Pagination: 214-218