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Improving adolescent reproductive health - the need to address adolescent fertility and access family planning

Kennedy E, Gray N, Azzopardi P, Creati M


Key Messages

• Adolescent pregnancy has significant health, social and economic consequences for girls, their families and communities;

• Quality, accessible data about adolescent reproductive health, behaviours, knowledge and utilisation of family planning are essential to inform effective policy and programs to address adolescent fertility;

• DHS reports provide useful information but are limited by the omission of young adolescents, omission of unmarried adolescents, and failure to disaggregate data by age and marital status for some indicators;

• Adolescent sexual activity and childbearing are common in East Asia and the Pacific and occur in the context of low contraceptive prevalence and high unmet need;

• Adolescent girls have higher unmet need, less knowledge of family planning and poorer access to information and services than adult women;

• There is need for greater investment in reproductive health policies and programs that effectively target adolescents.

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  • Journal: Women's and Children's Health Knowledge Hub
  • Published: 01/12/2011
  • Volume: Policy Brief