The Victorian Primary Care Network for Sentinel Surveillance on BBVs and STIs

The VPCNSS has three infections of interest - HIV and STI’s (syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea) - with a specific sentinel surveillance network of high case load primary care clinics established for each infection.

Currently, 18 sentinel sites across the state of Victoria located in primary health care, sexual health services, family planning and hospital settings that have a high case-load of at-risk patients (including men who have sex with men, young people, commercial sex workers and women) are participating in the project.

The sentinel surveillance system involves collection and linking of testing, demographic, and risk behaviour information from all patients undergoing routine testing at sentinel sites.

The system allows for individual testing histories across multiple infections to be linked within individuals and, alongside behavioural data, allows for the estimation of the incidence of infection and the determination of key risk practices associated with transmission.

The sentinel nature of the high caseload clinics means that the VPCNSS currently captures more than 50 percent of all HIV notifications and all syphilis notifications among men who have sex with men in Victoria.

The data generated from the VPCNSS is unique in Australia and has provided valuable data for HIV and other STI policy and strategic planning.








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