Australia Awards Fellowship: KICK-AMR to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global health security concern of increasing significance with a costly toll on lives and health systems.

Currently, 700,000 people die annually from drug-resistant infections and USD100 trillion of economic output will be at risk by 2050 if action is not taken now.

This Fellowship aims to strengthen government capacity to implement newly developed national AMR plans in Pacific Island countries.

Image: The KICK-AMR participants with Dr Suman Majumdar (far left), Professor Anton Peleg (seated, left) and Dr Ben Coghlan (seated, right).

Burnet Institute and the Alfred Department of Infectious Diseases hosted 12 AMR leaders from Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomon Islands and Kiribati in Melbourne in October 2017.

The fellowship program provides an experiential participatory learning environment to optimise AMR plan implementation through site visits to health facilities and laboratories, and structured trainings and workshops delivered by Australian experts.

Follow up in-country visits will support operationalising priority aspects explored in Australia within the constraints of local settings.

Contact Details

For any general enquiries relating to this project, please contact:

Doctor Ben Coghlan

Leave of absence till Feb 2023