IMSA: Improving SRH knowledge among young people in Magwey, Myanmar

Myanmar has a large adolescent population.

Integrated multi-sectoral approach to improve the SRH of young people (10 to 18 years) in Magwey, Myanmar (IMSA).

Building on findings from the 2016 formative research to support the delivery of life-skills education and hygiene improvements through monastic schools in Magway, Burnet commenced a five-year project focussing on improving delivery of current state-approved Life Skills Education; engaging with parents and community leaders and working with essential health staff to improve young people’s health.

Burnet’s Country Program Manager for Myanmar, Ms Lia Burns, says there is limited knowledge about adolescent health and experience in the country due to a poor evidence base. However global evidence suggests adolescent health services are fragmented and poorly coordinated.

“The formative study provides evidence of current knowledge and attitudes of teachers, students, parents, health workers and key stakeholders related to adolescent reproductive health and menstrual hygiene management in Monastic schools and the surrounding community,” Ms Burns said.

“The IMSA project is putting our research into action whereby teachers, students, parents and health workers actively explore barriers to young people receiving quality SRH education and services.

“The groups are creating their own solutions, that we support them to implement and then evaluate so we have good evidence of what approaches work to improve the SRH of young people,” she said.

Almost a third of Myanmar’s population experiences major challenges to their development, including early marriage, unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions, poor nutrition, limited education, sexually transmitted infections and human trafficking of girls and women for sexual exploitation.


Five years from 2016

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