Hepatitis B infection in Australian prisons

Risks for hepatitis B transmission are common among prisoners, and routine hepatitis B vaccination is recommended for all incarcerated individuals.

However, the exact prevalence of current and past hepatitis B infection and related liver disease is unknown in prisons within Victoria. Vaccination coverage among prisoners is also currently unknown.

Finally, prevalence of hepatitis D, a virus that requires hepatitis B to replicate, is also unknown among prisoners.

In this study, the seroprevalence of current and past hepatitis B and D infection among prisoners and associated clinical risks for disease will be determined by retrospective analysis of a clinical database.

Estimates of vaccine coverage within prisons will also be made, with a view to informing health policy.

This study involves quantitative analysis of data from a clinical database (data already collected but will require cleaning).

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Associate Professor Joseph (Joe) Doyle

Deputy Program Director, Disease Elimination; Co-Head, Viral Hepatitis Elimination; NHMRC Clinical Research Fellow