Perspectives of an inhaled oxytocin intervention for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage

The overall aim of this study is to guide the development and facilitate the future implementation of inhaled oxytocin in three diverse country settings.

  1. To assess factors currently limiting the availability and effective use of a quality oxytocin product.
  2. To assess the acceptability and perceived utility of inhaled oxytocin at the hospital, lower-level health care facility, and community level.
  3. To assess the operational feasibility of implementation of inhaled oxytocin from national product registration through to end user uptake.

This qualitative study will take place in three diverse country settings, commencing with an in-depth literature and policy review. Focus group discussions and in-depth interviews will be used to gain insight into the perspectives of healthcare providers, community members and key informants.




Monash University - seed funding from Grand Challenges

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Doctor Kyu Kyu Than

Senior Technical Coordinator, Myanmar Program