National TB Research Agenda Workshop for Myanmar: 4-5 September 2014

Setting health research priorities using a systematic process helps to overcome the mismatch between the research that is needed and the research that is actually conducted. This can assist with directing resources for research to the areas where they are needed most.

The NTP of Myanmar recognised the need to identify the research priorities for TB in Myanmar. The goals of the workshop included:

  1. Developing a list of TB strategic research priorities
  2. Developing a National TB research agenda for Myanmar
  3. Developing a plan for implementing the agenda.

The workshop design was developed by a team at Burnet Institute in Melbourne and Myanmar, in collaboration with NTP and Department of Medical Research (DMR) in Myanmar. The workshop was facilitated by an external consultant supported by Burnet Institute Myanmar and NTP.

More than 40 representatives from government, INGOS and national NGOS took part. A list of the top 20 research priorities for TB in Myanmar has been compiled and a road map has been developed.

Ultimately, it is anticipated that through identifying and prioritising TB research topics in Myanmar it will assist in streamlining projects and funding to ensure it meets the needs of the government in addressing TB and the needs of the community and health system.

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