HHISP: Strengthening Papua New Guinea health systems

Burnet is a partner in the Australian government-supported Health and HIV Implementation Services Provider (HHISP).

HHISP is the main support to the large health development partnership of the Australian and PNG governments, providing technical assistance, grants management and research.

Burnet contributes to PNG health systems by:

  • improving national health research capacity
  • health system evaluations (including a large multi-year evaluation of medical supplies reform)
  • communicable disease control planning (including malaria and TB)
  • providing support to health professional development, especially in public health.

More specifically, Burnet’s role on HHISP is to support the oversight of research programs. These include:

  • Multi-year evaluation (2013 – 2017) of medical supplies reforms, which represent one of the largest areas of health systems development. In 2013 this required a large national survey carried out in partnership with UPNG’s Department of Pharmacy.
  • Helping build national capacity for health research in PNG, including support to the government’s first National Health and HIV Research Agenda, completed in 2013
  • Design of a large five year capacity development program to support education of health professionals at UPNG
  • Communicable disease control in key areas such as tuberculosis, including mapping the size and scope of current programs, and the implications for national strategy.


2013 - 2017


Abt/JTA are the lead contractor on HHISP.


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Doctor Chris Morgan

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