Global Monitoring Platform for Maternal and Newborn Health

The Global Platform is a new, multi-country initiative to conduct research, raise awareness and improve quality of intrapartum and early postnatal care in health facilities. The Platform will conduct periodic, multi-country studies on intrapartum and early postnatal care in a network of health facilities across up to 10 low to middle income countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It will ultimately extend to include approximately 60 countries worldwide.

Data collection will commence in 2023 and aims to be conducted every 3 years until and beyond 2030. This will provide globally-representative data on intrapartum and early postnatal care in health facilities and health outcomes for the SDG era. The Platform will also support dissemination and training in evidence-based products, and drive research capacity strengthening at local and national levels.

Contact Details

For any general enquiries relating to this project, please contact:

Professor Joshua Vogel

Principal Research Fellow; Deputy Discipline Head, International Development; Co-Head, Global Women's and Newborn's Health Group