Sexual health and STIs among people who use drugs❗Student Projects Available

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Recent Australian and international data indicates that people who use drugs, and particularly people who inject drugs, are at increased risk of sexually transmissible infections (STIs).

Despite this, there is a limited understanding of both sexual behaviour and sexual health care among these people. In particular, there has been little attention given to the intersection of structural vulnerabilities, such as unstable housing, and gender which is important given many women who use and inject drugs face different risk environments to most men who inject drugs.

To begin to address this research gap, which is necessary to inform any potential interventions, Burnet is leading a number of studies including:

  • Examining bacterial STI testing and prevalence among people who attend clinics offering harm reduction services
  • Undertaking interviews with people who use and inject drugs about their engagement in sexual healthcare
  • Examining sexual behaviour among a cohort of people who inject drugs
  • Conducting interviews with service providers such as doctors and nurses about STI testing and treatment in harm reduction services



Want to undertake this research? Contact Brendan Harney: [email protected].

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