Experiences of receiving or providing maternity care during CoVID-19 pandemic: The CovMat Study

CovMat is a national collaborative study that aimed to explore the experiences of receiving or providing maternity care during the CoVID-19 pandemic in Australia. A second arm of the study also examined the COVID-19 vaccine perceptions and intentions in women and health care providers.

The study included women of childbearing age and their partners, midwives, doctors providing maternity care and midwifery students.

This study is a collaboration between researchers and obstetricians and midwives at Curtin University, Deakin University, Burnet Institute and The University of Melbourne. The study contributes to the evidence around the process and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the provision of maternity care in Australia.

The study is led by Dr Zoe Bradfield from Curtin University.


Commenced 2020 and in progress





  • Dr Zoe Bradfield Lead Investigator, Curtin University, Western Australia
  • Prof Yvonne Hauck, Curtin University, Western Australia
  • Dr Lesley Kuliukas, Curtin University, Western Australia
  • Prof Linda Sweet, Deakin University, Victoria
  • Dr Vidanka Vasilevski, Deakin University, Victoria
  • Dr Karen Wynter, Centre for Quality and Patient Safety and Research, Western Health Partnership, Victoria
  • Dr Rebecca Szabo, The University of Melbourne, Victoria

Contact Details

For any general enquiries relating to this project, please contact:

Professor Caroline Homer AO

Burnet Executive Team; Co-Program Director, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health; Working Group Head