Staff & Students

Doctor Anna Hearps

Deputy Program Director, Healthy Ageing (Expansion Program)

Ashleigh Stewart

PhD Candidate; Research Assistant

Doctor Bruce Wines

Research Officer, Immune Therapies Group

Associate Professor Catherine (Kate) Cherry

Burnet Staff Physician and Clinical Epidemiologist

Doctor Clovis Palmer

Head, Palmer Laboratory, Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Department of Infectious Diseases

Professor David Wilson

Head of Infectious Disease Modelling

Jasper Cornish

PhD student

Long Nguyen

Data Manager

Professor Margaret Hellard AM

Deputy Director (Programs); Adjunct Professor, Monash University, DEPM.

Professor Mark Hogarth

Head, Immune Therapies Group

Doctor Nick Scott


Paul Agius

Applied Statistician and Burnet Institute Senior Fellow

Doctor Raffi Gugasyan

Head of Diagnostic Markers and Chronic Immune Disorders Group (Gugasyan Laboratory)

Doctor Riya Palchaudhuri

Postdoctoral Research Scientist