Cancer information compared to Hepatitis B information to INcreAse hepatitis B testing in Melbourne’s Chinese community (CHINA-B study)

An estimated one-third of people with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) in Australia are undiagnosed, highlighting a need to increase testing.

Chinese-born people living in Australia are one of the priority groups; they comprise around 2.2 percent of the total Australian population but over 27 percent of the population living with CHB.

To reduce the substantial disease burden from chronic hepatitis B, health promotion interventions that include information provision, communication and education are significant to empower affected communities to make better health decisions.

This project hypothesised that framing hepatitis B testing as part of liver cancer prevention may be more effective, acceptable and easier to understand than providing traditional hepatitis B information for communities at risk of hepatitis B infection.

A pilot and feasibility study is undergoing to i) compare hepatitis B testing uptake in people receiving a specifically developed education resource focussing on liver cancer prevention compared with a standard hepatitis B educational resource package, and ii) assess the feasibility and acceptability of method used to engage people in the education and testing program.


July 2019 - June 2021


  • Prof Alex Thompson, St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Ms Gabrielle Bennett, St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Ms Nafisa Yussf, Doherty Institute
  • Aurora Tang, Hepatitis Victoria


This study was funded by Gastroenterological Society of Australia Grant and St Vincent’s Foundation Ref Grant.

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