Identifying the structural enablers to the clinical management of people with hepatitis B in general practice: a qualitative investigation

General Practice and other primary health care services are recognised as essential in reducing hepatitis B-related mortality in Australia.

The Third National Hepatitis B Strategy 2018-2022 identifies general practice as a “priority setting” for delivering education, prevention, treatment and care services”, with key elements for the transition of hepatitis B clinical management from specialist to primary care yet to be described.

Several challenges to the general practice response to hepatitis B are described, including poor knowledge of hepatitis B, lack of awareness of clinical management processes, poor specialist referral processes and inadequate financial support for hepatitis B management.

In spite of these concerns and with the escalating mortality resulting from hepatitis B-related liver cancer, its management within primary care services is supported. This research investigates general practice responses to hepatitis B by aiming to identify systematic enablers to the clinical management of people with hepatitis B within these settings.


June 2020


  • Co-Health/Doherty Institute: Nicole Allard
  • Victorian Cancer Council: Clare O’Reilly


Cofunded between Burnet Institute and Victorian Cancer Council

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