Diagnostic accuracy of Molbio Truenat for diagnosis of TB and rifampicin resistance

Tuberculosis (TB) is the second leading cause of death in Papua New Guinea (PNG). TB diagnosis can be challenging. GeneXpert MTB/rif a molecular diagnostic for TB has greater sensitivity and specificity than microscopy. However, GeneXpert requires electricity and is costly. New molecular TB diagnostics implementable at the microscopy level are a research priority. There is an urgent need for accurate, battery operated and cheaper TB diagnostics.

The Truenat-MTB/MTB-RIF-Dx reflex assays (Molbio Diagnostics; India) utilise chip-based real-time micro-PCR for detection of TB and rifampicin resistance from samples in 25-120 minutes. They are battery and phone operated devices that can be used in peripheral sites. An accurate point-of-care, portable test such as the Molbio Truenat MTB has the potential to make a significant impact globally, and in countries such as PNG. PNG is one of 4 countries participating in this FIND sponsored multi-country diagnostic accuracy trial, evaluating sensitivity, specificity, and patient important outcomes.


2019 – mid-2020


  • PNG Institute of Medical Research
  • Port Moresby General Hospital
  • The PNG Central Public Health Laboratory
  • Victorian Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory
  • PNG National TB Program


Foundation for Innovative Diagnostics

Health Issue

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Doctor Philipp du Cros

Infectious Diseases Specialist, TB Elimination and Implementation Science