2011 Fenner Award presented

Burnet Institute

04 August, 2011

Professor Lewin with her family.

The Fenner Award recognises significant contribution to the vision and mission of the Institute in the areas of medical research and public health.

“It’s a real honour, I look at people like Frank Fenner and am in awe of the contributions he made in so many areas of virology,” Professor Lewin said.

“His achievements are all the more impressive when I think of how he did so much in a time when Australia was really very isolated from the world in general, and particularly with scientific communication.

“Now, it’s no different if I’m sitting in Australia, America, Africa or Europe, the whole world is so connected. I don’t see the distance as any kind of barrier for hearing about new scientific discoveries or international collaborations.”

Among a career of international accolades, Professor Lewin was invited to present the plenary lecture at the opening ceremony of the International AIDS Conference in Vienna last year, based on her research into HIV latency.

Her main research interests are in the HIV latency, HIV immune reconstitution and HIV-HBV co-infection.

As well as her position at Burnet, Professor Lewin is also the Director of Infectious Diseases at The Alfred and Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine at Monash University.

She is co-chair of a group of scientists, who are working as part of a bigger group to develop a global scientific strategy for finding a cure for HIV.

This project is an initiative from the International AIDS Society and is chaired by Professor Francoise Barré-Sinousi – Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine for discovering HIV.

The Fenner Award presentation and lecture will be held on Wednesday 17 August at 3pm in the AMREP Seminar Room and then be followed by refreshments in the Hannan Room.

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