Professor wins second prize in The Age short-story award

Burnet Institute

16 January, 2012

Professor Robert Power

In between travelling the world as Burnet’s Principal for Disease Prevention, conducting research and painting beautiful pieces of artwork, Professor Robert Power found the time to write a short story, winning second prize in The Age short-story award.

Professor Power has worked in the field of HIV prevention and social behavioural research since 1985 with his main focus on community-level interventions for injecting drug use and in reducing the spread of HIV infection.

His short story ‘Meatloaf in Manhattan’ tells the story of a man visiting a blind friend in New York who then pretends to be blind, convincing a diner waitress along the way.

His first novel, ‘In Search of the Blue Tiger’ (shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s unpublished manuscript award) will be published in March and has a few more to come.

“I don’t watch television, I get up early and I write quickly,” Professor Power told The Age.

Click the following links to read ‘Meatloaf in Manhattan’ and the interview which appeared in The Saturday Age.

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