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Burnet Institute

18 November, 2017

Tiny tests that make a big difference headline our latest edition of IMPACT magazine.

Burnet’s diagnostic development research creates innovative, low-cost point-of-care devices with the ease of a pregnancy test and the power to save thousands of lives.

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Many diagnostic ideas initiate from Burnet researchers working with vulnerable communities in resource-constrained countries.

Burnet’s Co-Heads of Global Health Diagnostics Development, Associate Professor David Anderson and Ms Mary Garcia, oversee the creation of these innovations which enable inexpensive same-day testing and diagnosis for people at remote clinics.

“It is opportunistic. We’ve taken ideas from across the Institute, from the fields of maternal health to HIV and sexual health,” Associate Professor Anderson said.

Examples include new diagnostics for syphilis, HIV viral load, and liver damage, tests which often cut out the need for expensive laboratory facilities that are simply unavailable in resource-limited countries.

Also in this edition, Burnet’s Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies program reaches a major milestone, and we meet some of the behind-the-scenes workers and participants helping to define the major causes of poor maternal, newborn, and infant health in PNG.

IMPACT looks at the new challenge facing researchers seeking to eliminate hepatitis C, and Burnet’s new Healthy Ageing expansion program and why it’s looking at birth and infant years to learn about old age.

And Global Adolescent Health Group Co-Heads, Dr Elissa Kennedy and Dr Peter Azzopardi explain why at this unique period in human history, as the planet hosts its largest ever population of adolescents, the time has never been better to invest in adolescent health.

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