Burnet a member of the Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC)

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07 February, 2011

The Burnet Institute is now a member of the Australian Disability and Development Consortium (ADDC).

The ADDC is an Australian-based, international network focusing attention, expertise and action on disability issues in developing countries, and building on a human rights platform for disability advocacy.

Through its membership, Burnet will advocate within and alongside the ADDC to support the inclusion of people with a disability in the planning and delivery of all health services in low-income countries.

In addition, Burnet will seek assistance from ADDC member agencies to advocate for more financial support to what is most likely the final phase of the global polio eradication program.

Polio remains endemic in four countries – Afghanistan, India, Nigeria and Pakistan – with a further four countries known to have (Angola, Chad and Democratic Republic of the Congo) or suspected of having (Sudan) re-established transmission of poliovirus. Several more countries had ongoing outbreaks in 2010 due to importations of poliovirus. In 1985, around 400,000 people – mainly children – were newly paralysed by the polio virus. By 2010, that figure had declined to fewer than one thousand. For more information visit

A crippling and potentially fatal infectious disease, there is no cure for polio, but there are safe and effective vaccines. The strategy to eradicate polio is based on preventing infection by immunising every child until transmission stops and the world is polio-free.

Head of Burnet’s Centre for International Health, Mike Toole said the Institute would jointly advocate with the ADDC to support the global polio eradication campaign.

“Polio vaccine is the single most effective and affordable tool we have to prevent severe disability. It is important to be allied with ADDC, which has a proven record of effective advocacy on behalf of the disabled,” Professor Toole said.

The ADDC’s mission is: ‘To promote the rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities in development activities, advocating that disability be fully integrated into all Australian development programs and policies.’

For more information about the ADDC, visit

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