Include a Charity Week

Burnet Institute

11 September, 2017

As a member of the Include a Charity campaign – a group of Australian charities working together to encourage people to leave charitable gifts or bequests in their Wills – Burnet Institute is pleased to support Include a Charity Week 2017.

Held in September each year, Include a Charity Week encourages community conversation about the need for charitable bequests and raises awareness of the important role bequests play in funding charities.

Burnet’s ability to establish new programs and acquire advanced laboratory equipment is largely dependent on such income.

Laurence O’Keefe is a longstanding supporter who’s decided to leave a bequest in his Will so that Burnet “can continue its good work well into the future”.

You can see and hear Laurence explain how he became involved with Burnet, and why an ongoing involvement is so important to him, by clicking on the video below.

Eighty-six-year-old Merle Gilbo is another active Burnet Institute donor and bequestor.

As a scientist with the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories in a career spanning more than four decades, Merle came to appreciate the benefits of scientific research.

“Burnet has always had great respect for people,” Merle said. “Its management and professional staff are compassionate, non-judgemental and inclusive.

“I want Burnet to prosper for as long as possible into the future. That is why I have left a gift in my Will to Burnet Institute.”

To find out how, like Laurence and Merle, you can support Burnet Institute through a gift in your Will and for a confidential discussion, please contact Arnis Stonis on (03) 8506 2338 or [email protected]

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