R&D grant for Burnet’s Global Health Diagnostics Laboratory

Burnet Institute

28 June, 2017

Dr Brian Cao (centre) with (L-R) Global Health Diagnostics Laboratory's Huy Van, Mary Garcia, Dr Fan Li and Associate Professor David Anderson

Burnet’s Global Health Diagnostics Laboratory, together with Boint Biotechnology, Nanjing, PR China, have been awarded significant grants in the inaugural round of the Victoria-Jiangsu Innovation and Technology R&D Fund.

The grants of approximately $200,000 over two years for each partner will support collaborative R&D to develop new laboratory reagents and novel diagnostic tests for a range of infectious diseases.

The work builds on Burnet’s patented “chimeric secretory component” technology and infectious disease expertise, and Boint’s expertise in development and industrial-scale purification of monoclonal antibodies.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to expand our collaboration with Boint Biotech,” Associate Professor David Anderson, Burnet Deputy Director (Partnerships) and Group Leader for the Global Health Diagnostics Laboratory, said.

“Dr Brian Cao and his team at Boint Biotech in Nanjing are leaders in the field of antibody development and production in China.

“The new reagents will enable us to fully capitalise on our patented innovation in IgA and IgM antibody technology, supporting the development of some priority infectious disease diagnostics with particular relevance to “One Health”, the intersection of human and animal health.

“They will also enable greatly expanded utility of IgA and IgM antibodies in biotechnology and medicine.”

Mary Garcia, Co-Head of the Global Diagnostics Laboratory, said she was excited to be part of a unique collaboration.

“I’m especially looking forward to the opportunities of a mutual training program, which will expand our technical expertise and advance the project during the development phase,” Ms Garcia said.

Dr Cao, CEO of Boint Biotechnology, said Boint Biotech and Burnet Institute have built a productive, effective and synergistic collaboration over several years.

“The CSC technology discovered by Associate Professor Anderson and his team will allow us to generate a variety of novel monoclonal antibodies with immediate commercial application in basic biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, as well as huge potential marketing opportunities,” Dr Cao said.

“It is our great honor to be funded together with Associate Professor Anderson and Burnet Institute, by both Jiangsu Province and the State of Victoria, and we are very excited about this new project.”

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