2017 Day of Immunology

Burnet Institute

27 April, 2017

Image: Dr Clovis Palmer presents to guests during the 2017 Day of Immunology

Burnet Institute provided interested students and members of the public with new insights into our immunological research with a series of presentations and laboratory tours to mark the 2017 Day of Immunology.

Image: Dr Jacqueline Flynn welcomes guests to the Day of Immunology

Our guests were treated to a discovery tour of Burnet’s Fluorescent Cell Imaging and Flow Cytometry facilities, and Rapid Diagnostics Laboratory where Senior Development Scientist Mary Garcia explained the VISITECT CD4 HIV point of care test for use in remote or rural settings.

Image: Dr Gary Jamieson demonstrates how liquid nitrogen is used to store samples

The tour included a presentation by Dr Gary Jamieson on the use of liquid nitrogen in research, and a visit to Dr Clovis Palmer’s Laboratory for HIV Immunometabolism for a demonstration in the latest in microscopy.

Image: Dr Paul Gilson prepares a video showing malaria parasites invading red blood cells

Earlier, our guests were welcomed with an overview on Burnet by Dr Jacqueline Flynn, a postdoctoral scientist in the HIV Molecular Pathogenesis Laboratory.

Image: PhD student Jasper Cornish presents: Immune signals in chronic disease

There were also presentations from PhD students Jasper Cornish, Liriye Kurtovic, Josh Hayward and Mati Kargren on their areas of research interest including malaria immunity, the impact of immune disease on ageing, and the antiviral immune system of bats, which enables them to control viral infections.

Image: Under the microscope in the Laboratory for HIV Immunometabolism

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