Study into how HIV infection affects immune cells' use of energy.

Tracy Parish

01 March, 2011

The research is being led by Dr Clovis Palmer, a Post-doctoral Fellow in the Crowe/Jaworowski laboratory at the Burnet Institute. Professor Joseph Mike McCune at the University of San Francisco in the USA is collaborating with the project.

Understanding how HIV infection affects the way immune cells use energy could aid in designing nutritional supplements and novel lines of therapies against HIV infection. Acknowledging that CD4 T-cell count and HIV load testing is among the best markers currently available, this study also offers the potential to develop additional diagnostic markers to supplement these to determine the optimum time to start antiretroviral therapy.

Volunteers can be either on or off anti-viral drugs. Volunteers must not be regularly taking anti-inflammatory medications (e.g. low-dose aspirin) and not have had an illness or physical trauma in the past three weeks.

People interested in participating in the project need to make an appointment, give a blood sample and complete a short general health questionnaire.

The research will be carried out from March 2011 to December 2012 at the Burnet Institute’s head office situated at 85 Commercial Road, Prahran in Melbourne.

For more information about the research study please contact: Dr Clovis Palmer Work phone: 03 8506 2389 Mobile: 0421 476 287 Email: [email protected]


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