HIV researchers meet the community at mHIVE

Burnet Institute

08 June, 2016

Image: Dr James McMahon, Alfred Hospital, with Brent Allen, CEO of Living Positive, Victoria

High numbers of people with HIV are prepared to participate in cure research, even if unlikely to personally benefit, a Melbourne seminar heard this week.

CEO of Living Positive Victoria Brent Allan told the audience of researchers and community members that many people living with HIV had “a very altruistic perspective” when it came to research.

“They don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

The seminar, Engaging with the community around HIV cure research, organised by Melbourne HIV Exchange (mHIVE) in a joint initiative between Burnet Institute and Doherty Institute, brought together HIV researchers and people living with HIV.

Infectious diseases physician from the Alfred Hospital, Dr James McMahon said a global survey of 982 people with HIV, published in HIV Medicine 2016, had shown that 71 percent were willing to participate in cure research even when there was no personal benefit.

“Participation in cure research irrespective of personal benefits can be anticipated to be high, despite risk, which may include a treatment interruption,” he said.

The two speakers were part of the HIV Cure Community Partnership. Find out more at

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