Burnet hosts Nanjing delegation

Angus Morgan

13 April, 2016

Burnet Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb welcomes the Nanjing delegation

Burnet Institute has hosted a high-level delegation from Nanjing in China for discussions on new business opportunities and the potential expansion of Burnet’s research and development facilities in Nanjing.

Mr Shan Jingnan, Deputy Director of the Committee of the Nanjing Municipality People’s Congress, and Mr Zhou Yugang, Secretary of the JiangNing High and New Technology Park (JHIP), headed the delegation.

Burnet Deputy Director, Associate Professor David Anderson said the talks, which included senior Victorian Government officials in health, innovation and trade, focused on Burnet’s R&D facility for the production of rapid, point-of-care diagnostic tests.

IMAGE: Nanjing delegation leaders Mr Zhou Yugang and Mr Shan JingNan

The Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics laboratory was commissioned in May 2015 to translate Burnet’s diagnostic research and technologies into commercially viable products.

“Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics is established at a smaller biotech park on the other side of Nanjing, and that is a very good base for our initial operations,” Associate Professor Anderson said.

“But we are already outgrowing the limit of what we are allowed to manufacture at that site, so we need to find a larger site to expand in the future.

IMAGE: Dr Alistair Draffan, 360biolabs Executive VP Operations, escorts the Nanjing delegation through the Burnet laboratories

“Other opportunities such as clinical trials and drug development that are better suited to JHIP than where we are currently located, and support from the Victorian and Jiangsu Governments make this a good location for us to look for future expansion.”

The delegation was taken on a tour of Burnet’s laboratory facilities during their visit.

To find out more about Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics, the first offshore commercial entity established by Burnet, click here.

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