Brendan Quinn a Fulbright Scholar

Burnet Institute

26 February, 2016

Burnet Institute’s Dr Brendan Quinn will have the opportunity broaden his research into methamphetamine when he takes up a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship later this year.

Dr Quinn, a Research Officer in the Centre for Population Health, has been awarded a postdoctoral scholarship to study at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

He will work alongside Dr Stephen Shoptaw, a world-renowned researcher of methamphetamine and other substance use issues in UCLA’s Center for Behavioral & Addiction Medicine.

“UCLA are doing some amazing things with methamphetamine that we’re not doing in Australia,” Dr Quinn said.

“This is a valuable opportunity to go over there and learn what they’re doing so we can bring back some valuable and appropriate knowledge and skills to address methamphetamine use in Australia.”

Dr Quinn’s primary PhD project examined the epidemiology of methamphetamine use in Melbourne, and barriers and pathways to professional support for methamphetamine users.

He is currently involved in a number of other projects focusing mainly on forensic and illicit drug-using populations and related issues.

“At Burnet we’ve looked at the barriers to treatment and looked at general issues in epidemiology and methamphetamine use in Melbourne,” Dr Quinn said.

“But there is a lack of research in Australia at the moment on effective ways to address problematic methamphetamine use and engage individuals with services.

“This is something we’ll be doing a lot of with the team at UCLA.”

The Australian-American Fulbright Commission is a non-profit organisation sponsored by the U.S. and Australian governments and other institutional and business partners, private bequests and endowments.

The Commission promotes education and cultural exchange between Australia and the United States in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen relations between the two countries.

It facilitates this through the implementation of the Fulbright program and other scholarships and exchanges.


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