Global Fund setting the bar high

Angus Morgan

24 February, 2016

Burnet Institute Board Member Helen Evans and Global Fund Executive Director Dr Mark Dybul

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has set itself some ambitious targets that could lead to the saving of millions of lives in poor and developing nations.

In an address hosted by Burnet Institute on the outlook for the Global Fund’s Fifth Replenishment, Executive Director Dr Mark Dybul said the organisation has set itself to raise US$13 billion in the 2017-2019 cycle.

“If we reach US$13 billion, eight million lives could be saved, 300 million infections averted, and $41 billion in domestic resources could be leveraged,” Dr Dybul said.

“We can now calculate the impact on economic gains in countries from diseases, and that investment of US$13 billion could actually return $290 billion in long-term economic gains.

“The reality is if you don’t have health and education, you cannot have sustainable economic growth.”

Dr Dybul said the Global Fund is on track to achieve 22 million lives saved through programs it supports, a figure he described as ‘nothing short of breathtaking’.

He spoke enthusiastically of the Global Fund’s new procurement service,, which makes medical commodities to treat HIV, tuberculosis and malaria available to national health services at the best possible price.

The Global Fund has opened talks with 20 countries, 14 have committed to using the service, and two, Bangladesh and Mozambique, are now using it.

It’s expected will eventually make up to 4000 different health products – everything from drugs, to condoms, bed nets and vehicles – available to countries, authorities and organisations with whom the Global Fund works.

“This was an idea a year ago, and we’re now placing orders through it,” Dr Dybul said.

“It’s a hugely powerful tool if it’s used right, and that’s what we’re now working on.”

“This type of system could actually blow open how we approach the entire procurement around health commodities.”

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