Research award for Professor Mark Hogarth

Angus Morgan

02 February, 2016

IMAGE: Professor Mark Hogarth with the John and Eileen Haddon Memorial Plaque

Congratulations to Burnet Institute’s Professor Mark Hogarth who’s been acknowledged by the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation with a special grant and award.

The grant will support Professor Hogarth’s research project ‘Developing novel therapeutics to target a new pathway in rheumatoid arthritis’.

The award, entitled the John and Eileen Haddon Memorial Plaque, is presented annually by the directors of the Foundation to the most interesting or innovative research in the field of Geriatrics.

It’s awarded in honour of the late John Haddon and his wife Eileen. Mr Haddon bequeathed his estate to the Foundation to support medical research into geriatric diseases, with a particular interest in leg ulcers.

The Head of the Hogarth Laboratory, Professor Hogarth is Burnet’s Principal for Research Strategy and Head, Inflammation, Cancer and Infection.

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