Edelmira Peregrino Go International Health Student of the Year

Burnet Institute

08 April, 2011

Dr Tony Stewart, Senior Fellow with the Centre for International Health, Burnet presents Celeste with her award.

The award is presented to the international health student who achieves the highest academic results in international health subjects in a given year.

Celeste worked in the field of physiotherapy for 10 years, most recently specialising in multi-trauma orthopaedics and pain management.

“I spent around half those years working and living in the UK and the Netherlands in between travelling, and it was during this time I developed an interest in the area of international health,” Celeste said.

“This led me back to Australia to undertake a Master of Public Health which I’ve almost completed.”

Celeste has just started at the Burnet Centre for International Health working on a project in the AusAID Women’s and Children’s Health Knowledge Hub.

The award is in honour of Edelmira Peregrino Go who was one of the first students to complete the Master of Public Health.

Affectionately known as ‘Mai Mai’, Edelmira passed away after a year-long battle with cancer in 2003.

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