mHIVE to promote collaboration

Angus Morgan

02 December, 2014

New opportunities for networking and collaboration in HIV research are expected to flourish in Melbourne with the creation of a new body, the Melbourne HIV Exchange, or mHIVE.

World AIDS Day, Monday 1 December, was chosen for mHiVE’s inaugural meeting, attended by researchers from a broad range of bodies and hosted by the Doherty Institute.

MHIVE was conceived by Burnet Institute colleagues Professor Sharon Lewin and Associate Professor Gilda Tachedjian, prior to Professor Lewin’s move to Doherty in September.

“They really wanted to maintain strong links in the HIV community, even though Sharon’s group was moving to Doherty Institute,” said organising committee member, Dr Lachlan Gray.

“It really gives an opportunity for Victorian HIV researchers to come together, talk about their work and network and collaborate more closely with one another.”

“There’s also a similar forum for malaria researchers that’s been going for a while that’s been quite successful, so we wanted to have something similar within the HIV space.”

Dr Gray, a senior research officer, Centre for Biomedical Research, Churchill Laboratory, at Burnet, said there was a strong turnout for the first meeting.

Doherty Institute Professor Stephen Kent delivered the keynote address, an overview of his laboratory’s latest work on immunity to HIV.

“We wanted to open it up to all HIV researchers in Victoria, not just Burnet and Doherty,” said Dr Gray.

“We had people from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Monash University and NRL (National Serology Reference Laboratory), which was great to see.”

Dr Gray said the organising committee had already surveyed attendees to assist in planning for next year’s program.

MHIVE will meet on the first Monday of every month, alternating between the Burnet and Doherty Institutes.


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