Travel Awards to enhance Burnet research

Angus Morgan

01 December, 2014

Burnet Director and CEO Professor Brendan Crabb presents Dr Jacqueline Flynn with the Harold Mitchell Foundation Postdoctoral Travel Fellowship

Burnet Institute research into HIV and hepatitis C will be enhanced by Burnet Travel Awards presented to Dr Jacqueline Flynn and Dr Joseph Doyle.

Dr Flynn, a research officer in the Centre for Biomedical Research, Gorry Lab, said she was excited to receive the Harold Mitchell Foundation Postdoctoral Travel Fellowship ($5000).

“I’m going to use it to travel to the Keystone Symposium - Mechanisms for HIV persistence: implications for a cure - in Boston in April next year,” Dr Flynn said.

“The research I will present addresses how changes in the co-receptor HIV uses to enter cells can alter the ability of the virus to infect different CD4+ T cell subsets, including the more recently described Stem Cell Memory T cells.”

Dr Doyle, an Infectious diseases physician and NHMRC postgraduate research scholar with the Centre for Population Health, will use his Harold Mitchell Foundation Postgraduate Travel Fellowship ($5000) to attend the International Symposium on Viral Hepatitis and Liver Diseases in Berlin in June.

He plans to present work prepared as part of a World Health Organization project into evidence relating to new hepatitis C guidelines.

“It’s a good opportunity to meet other people working in the field and to meet collaborators from WHO that we worked with on that project,” Dr Doyle said.

Other Burnet Travel Award winners were:

Miller Foundation Biomedical Research Travel Award ($500)
Elisha de Valle, Centre for Biomedical Research

Miller Foundation Public Health Travel Award ($500)
Kate Cantwell, Centre for Population Health

Hon. Geoffrey Connard Travel Fellowship ($2000; subject to annual disbursement made available to Burnet)
David Harrison, Centre for Biomedical Research

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