Burnet launches Saving Newborn Lives appeal

Angus Morgan

09 November, 2014

Burnet Institute has launched an appeal to save the lives of newborns in Papua New Guinea.

In PNG, thousands of babies die in their first month of life, every year. Most die because they are born prematurely or from traumatic births and infections.

Two-thirds of these deaths are completely preventable.

Burnet Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb, is urging supporters to get behind the appeal.

“We urgently need to raise $125,000 by 31 December to address the issues that are contributing to the newborn mortality rate in PNG.

“We know that preventing babies from dying begins with helping mothers. If a mother is healthy, her baby has a much higher chance of being born full-term and surviving.

“We have an immediate plan to reach 700 mothers over the next year. We will monitor their health and help improve the quality of care they and their babies receive around the time of delivery.

“With your help we will also work with local doctors, midwives and health workers to understand how to effectively implement known life saving interventions and make sure that any changes are effective and long lasting.

“I really hope that you’re able to be a part of our campaign. Because we really can’t do it without you.”

How you can help

  1. Donate today to the Saving Newborn Lives Appeal
  2. Like our Facebook page and share our post
  3. Find out more about Burnet’s work in Papua New Guinea

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